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'COON autosaves your game as you play. To access a saved game, click on the image of it below.

We keep our command history hard to use because we encourage you to begin your 'COON experience from the beginning. :)


>Lone 'Coon Productions presents... >'COON >Press Enter.

Chapter 1: Paved With Good Intentions

>CHAPTER 1 >CHAPTER 1 START >Feel your person to check for anything that can be used as a light source. >Try to stand. If you can, approach light source. >open eyes >>>Next >Try to remember what happened. >Remember that show you watched that explained how to escape a straitjacket, then do so. >Ponder how a tanuki and a raccoon, being of different species, can mate successfully. >Examine the objects around you. >>>Next >Rub straps against sharp table corners. >Attempt to kick BALL into TARGET. >>>Next >>>Next >>>Next >Take a moment to ponder what sort of captor would basically hand you an escape route. >Disregard this thought and cut the straps with the knife. Be careful not to hurt yourself. >>>Next >>>Next >Equip KNIFE and strike awesome battle pose. >Quickly retrieve arms from crate. >>>Next >Add STRAIGHT-JACKET to inventory. You could use it to restrain someone if you need to. >Use KNIFE on ROPE; add newly freed TARGET to inventory. If necessary, use ROPE to tie it to your back. >Use silver key on silver door. >ERROR >Retry >Kick in door and enter knife ablazing. >Take deep breaths. Relax. Observe your surroundings. >>>Next >Push table towards wall with box. >Get key (if you can reach it). If not, stand on something in an attempt to do so. >Use straightjacket to knock key down. >Pick up a folding chair, fold it up, and use it to extend your reach so you can obtain that damned key you're so obsessed with. >Jump for the key. >Don't jump off the table. You could hurt yourself. Leave the key for now and proceed to the next car. >>>Next >Examine area you're traveling through. >Push the cylinder behind you. >>>Next >Screw that, jump off the train. >>>Next >Re-enter car.